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    Hi all vinyllovers

    My name is Bengt-Åke, 37-years old, live in Karlstad a smal town in Sweden. Begin to listen to hiphop when i was ca: 11years old.
    A new classmate begin in my class, his name was Sharam, he move to Sweden from Iran. He introduced me to Public Enemy, N.W.A.
    Before that i listen to hardrock, and Technotronic, Rebel mc etc.

    Around 2005 i did a very big mistake, and sell all my vinylrecords (700 vinyls) and 2 technics 1200 / Vestax mixer. At that time i never listen to vinyls, only on mp3 from my computer.
    So 2009 i slowly begin to collect again, and in 2010 i bought 2 stanton t62 turntable with a numark m2 mixer.
    They was ok to begin with. 2013 My vinyl collection has grown to ca 2000 vinylrecords.
    And in February this year i finally bought 2 technics 1210 with Vestax pmc 06 mixer, so im very pleased with be a collector again.

    I sell records on discogs under the name "cratediggingvinyls"
    Cheers / Bengt-Åke

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    Hypnotical Gases - Keeping my proboscis out of the dirt.

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    Hey, hey Diggers. My name is Dave and I love hip-hop. I first got down as a b-boy in a small U.S. town in Minnesota in the mid 80s. A summer friend introduced me to the music of Whoodini, GMF, Melle Mel, and Herbie Hancock's rockit on a K-Tel compilation record. I know at least a few of you know what I'm talking about! I got my first drum machine in 1989. I dropped my summer earnings on an Alesis HR16. I upgraded in the early 90s to an SP-12 and then an SP-1200 after the 12 was stolen from the back seat of my jeep. I haven't felt the need to upgrade yet. I love the sound of the SP. I'm a sucker for anything SP related. I'm an SP geek. DITC, Pete Rock, Large Pro, Mugs, 45 King, Marley, RZA, Madlib...too many to include. New cats, you know who you are! R.I.P. Puma Strut label. That is on of my favs. Puma Strut was my introduction to the UK flavor. I made some records too. I make beats in the group Sifu Hotman. I wrote a pocket guide to NYC record stores in 2010. Diamond D has a copy! Knowing that just makes me feel really good meaning good. I do a hip-hop podcast called Boom Bap Club. Me and some pals talk about the hip-hop and play joints we like.

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    Great to have you here Dave, you are doing Dave's proud.

    Everyone else - info on the Sifu Hotman vinyl can be found in the Product Placement section.

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    Hi All,
    I'm 38 from London and have had a love of hip hop since '87. I've been seriously collecting since the early 90s and stopped in the late 90s. First concert I ever went to was the Def Jam '87 Tour featuring P.E, Eric B. & Rakim & LL Cool J. Glad to have been on the scene during what is the 'golden era'! Planning to shift some of my collection quite soon indeed! Anyway, nice to meet yer!

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    Welcome Jase – cheers for the intro.

    Let's see if we can rekindle the collecting flame for you...

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    Hi y'all

    I'm 36 , a bedroom deejay living in Paris.
    Dope forum so i finally decided to register.


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    Welcome sir!

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    I intrudoced myself to another post, but I see thos one, so maybe I should copy here my introduction lol :

    Yo Everybody !
    I'm from Paris, 25 years old, and as you a big fan and digger of Hip Hop.

    Maybe to introduce myself I can tell you somme artists I like. I think my favorite producer is Erick Sermon, maybe because I'm also a big fan of Funk. So even if East Coast beats or Boom Bap makes me crazy (Special Ed, Smiff-N-Wessun, KRS-One, ...), my favorite scene is New Jersey I guess (but ya know it can change with the moment and the state of mind). So Artifacts, LOTUG, etc.. and my favority artist of all time, Redman Tha Funk Doctor Spock I think.

    And a lot of West Coast. Before if was a lot of G-Funk like Warren G for example, but with the time and as I was digging, I went more into the OG samples, so I went more in artists of the Bay Area like Dru Down, Too $hort, MC Breed, or still DJ Quik of the CPT.

    In fact I love Hip Hop who flirts with the origins or the influences, so the funk, or RZA and his Soul, Primo and is Jazz, Brooklyn and the Reggae with the influence of the carribean community, etc... and I listen also a lot of Soul or Funk for example.

    To keep introducing myself, I'm a Disk digger who transformed into a vinyl digger throught the time. So I've got 2 Technics MK2, and I also mix, just for fun and the love of Hip Hop. If you wanna check https://soundcloud.com/g-high-djo/mary-jane-mixtape https://soundcloud.com/g-high-djo/mary-jane-mixtape

    I'm sure I'm gonna learn a lot of things in this forum.

    Peace and Love (and unity) my brothers and sisters of music.


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    Welcome aboard, DJo!



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