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    Jun 2008
    Hey all...35 year old UK head, who got into the whole culture in about 84/5 and still going strong.

    Some of y'all may know me as smudge*fam, there's a bunch of handles i recognize on here.

    Good looking out on the whole site / forum, it's all good !!!!

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    Hi fellas, i´m Oldschool J and i´m into oldschool scene since 1986! Still collecting this amazing oldschool stuff recorded during all those wonderfull years, the gold era!! it´s nice to be here sharing and learning with u!!

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    welcome fellas

    we do appreciate you dropping a line here - sounds like you guys will be able to drop some knowledge around these parts, stick around!



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    Yeah, we're glad to have you all on board. Thanks for signing up and thanks for the intros!

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    Jul 2008
    hello i'm Mr Ed...

    if you go to oldschoolhiphop.com or ever have, that's been somewhere i've cyber-perched for too many years...

    i used to be on electroempire as freddy kreuger or fred e.

    i don't own anything particularly rare but i appreciate a lot of good hip-hop old and new...

    also a big fan of electro funk particularly LA beats....

    fave old rap songs ever


    jus badd - freestyle
    prime rhyme masters - you need discipline
    sl troopers - systematic terror
    standing ovation - shadows of mayhem
    masquerade - one nation (w/ junior gee, west rock etc)
    hardnoise - untitled
    freshski & mo rock - talking pays
    hi jack - style wars
    dj d zire - no mc no comment
    caveman - victory (remix)

    87 - 91

    epmd - its my thing
    eric b & rakim - microphone fiend
    de la soul - plug tunin
    bdp - poetry
    ice cube - jackin for beats
    public enemy - bring the noise
    kool g rap & dj polo - poison
    marley marl - the symphony
    a tribe called quest - scenario (remix)
    ultramagnetic mcs - give the drummer some
    tuff crew - my part of town
    nwa - express yourself
    eazy e - eazier said than dunn

    la beats

    unknown dj & 3 d - beatronic
    ice t - ya don't quit
    matrix & slice - jam, it's time
    egyptian lover - egypt egypt
    brothers supreme - we can't be held back
    magic mike's crew - magic mike's theme
    world class wreckin cru - surgery
    chris the glove taylor & victor flores - itchiban scratch
    kid frost - terminator
    knights/turntables - techno scratch
    radio crew - theme from breaking & entering
    formula v - killer groove
    rose bros - wall to wall freaks

    (rare) late 80s/90s random rap songs (i wish I had on wax)

    frozen explosion - mac nife
    tds mob - dope for the folks
    sport g & mastermind - live
    sport g & mastermind - louder
    top priority - let the homicides begin
    mc capone - smoove style
    freddie foxxx - the master
    cmw - drive by miss daisy
    jvc force - 6 feet back on the map (original mix)
    marley marl - i ain't bullshittin (demo version)
    big daddy kane - get into it

    80s electro funk

    hashim - al:naafiysh
    cybotron - clear
    c:bank - one more shot
    planet patrol - cheap thrills
    afrika bambaataa & family - bambaataa's theme
    captain rock - cosmic blast
    aleem - release yourself
    grandmaster flash & the furious 5 - scorpio
    extra funk factory - air freshener
    john davis - destination earth
    newcleus - jam on it
    galactic life force - losing control

    As Jackson 5 once sang "IT'S GREAT TO BE HERE!!!!"

    thanks for having me!

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    Oct 2006
    Nice work! Good to have you here. Welcome aboard, Ed.

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    Oct 2006
    Yeah welcome Ed, it's good to see you THIS froum :bigsmile:

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    Jul 2008
    thank you gents....

    hope to learn more and more about this beautiful thing they call hip-hop!

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    Jul 2008
    hi all, i'm djmp45, 31 years old from italy living in brighton uk now , listening to hip hop since i was 13, seroiusly since i was 16, buying vynil for other people (lucky bastards!!) on various trips to ny when i was 18 and after, since i didnt have decks back then , buying seriously only for 3 years now.like mainly hip hop from 88 to 98 and funk 45's.
    run a blog with friends: musicselections.wordpress.com ...go and check it.
    glad to be part of the forum

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