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Thread: new hip hop

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    new hip hop

    what new hip hop people been checking?

    new seven star lp (Alternate Invention) is sounding good on 1st listen. quality production.

    just picked up Fleapit - Music from the dirt (uk 2006) yet to check, but heard good things.

    zion i mixtape - farmin for beats is worth checking to.

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    Just got the Steady Diggin' Workshop 'Let's Go Steady' album sampler through the door yesterday, and it been spinning round ever since. One of my favourite things this year.

    Got the Kollabo bros & Diamond D 'My Flows to Blow' 12" in the same delivery. The remix is a standout on this.

    Also worth tracking down is the Discolobos 7" (mentioned this before I think).

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    Oct 2006
    The Norwich Boogie Down
    Breakout - Planet Rock Part 1 & 2
    AG - Frozen
    Greg Nice - Work it out
    Blacksheep - B-Boy Theme Music
    9th Wonder - Crooklyn Part 3
    Count Bass D - Internationally Known
    J Rawls - a tribute to T.R.O.Y.
    J Rawls - a tribute to Dilla
    aka DJ JUST-1............. "So what you on, huh, dope or dog food?"

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    Croydon - The Cronx
    braintax - run the yards

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    Disclaimer: all albums/singles have been listened only once unless noted otherwise

    Clipse featuring Slim Thug "Wamp Wamp (What It Do)": Not bad at all.
    Count Bass D "Act Your Waist Size": This is no Dwight Spitz but pretty decent.
    Darc Mind "Symptomatic Of A Greater Ill": Not new -> Disqualified.
    Devin The Dude "On The Grind (Smoke One 4 Your Brother)": Pretty nice while waiting for a real album. Not to be played with lady friends.
    J Dilla "The Shining": Instrumental version > Vocal version.
    John Legend "Once Again": Save Room > rest of the album combined.
    Killer Mike "I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind": I approve.
    Kon And Amir "Ontrack Vol. 6": Aside from going crazy for not remembering who sampled what this is dope.
    Lupe Fiasco "Food And Liquor": Not dope
    Outkast "Idlewild": After first listen I hated it, after second I loved it = mediocre.
    Pimp C "Knocking Doorz Down": Pimp C verse is nice.
    Sleepy Brown "Mr Brown": Album of the year. Repeated listens.
    Snoop Dogg "The Blue Carpet Treatment": Better than Lupe and Legend, worse than Count Bass D and Devin. I enjoy Candy tho.

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    Check out my peoples Doc & Raw Poetic of the group Panacea and their new record on Glow In The Dark / Rawkus records: "Ink Is My Drink". Pushes the envelope past boom bap & people seem to be digging it.

    Random rap trivia: Raw Poetic's uncle is jazz sax great Archie Shepp

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