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    Kase:>I have a little story about Back to the Lab. In the summer in my pursuit to try & obtain a copy I actually managed to get in contact with the executive producer of the record. He said he had all the unsold copies in storage in a garage somewhere in LA and that he'd get one of his guys to sent me a copy or two of it. Happy days I thought but unfortunately 16 years in a hot garage in LA hadnt been kind to the LPs & I was informed that they were all warped to shit & unplayable :cry: So however many copies were pressed up theres now a couple of boxes worth out of the running.....the guy had no idea that people were after this record(& I didnt tell him)
    I would say get back in touch and buy the lot for cheap! There's that machine which will de-warp records. Is it Johnny Paycheck on Soul Strut who's just bought a machine (retail at $1400)? He's charging $20 per LP (discount on more than one LP) for the service as it takes 4 hours per record but it would certainly be worth it on an LP this sought after.



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