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    A mate just sent me this, Id totally forgot about it.
    The time I was caught in a shot on the Beeb. Check the OG CP Metropolis Jacket, still got it, still a favourite.

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    Someone posted this poster from a legendary show in Edinburgh 1988. Unfortunately I had no clue who Audio 2 or MC Lyte was then. I was too busy with Beano, Panini stickers and Action Force toys aged 10.

    Check the times, all night Rap Rave!
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    Some flyers don't age well... just found this from a fundraiser we did back when I was at school over in Canada... it was me and Koushik (of Stones Throw fame) DJ'ing along with some of the other guys we worked on college radio with... I went by Refu-G back then and it would appear I claimed to be from Manchester despite being a soft southerner at heart... I actually don't remember how the gig went...


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    Early Slum Brothers pics.

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    definitely in the past...
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