Russ Rockwell:>
the average man:>Fuzz did a follow up to this book which I think a lot of people may have missed as it was only available directly from him.

I believe his third book is written or at least near completion and he is looking to get that out soon.

Just letting fools know

Are you gonna let fools know what the title of his second book is?
Hey Russ

It's called 'Last of the Old School'. I emailed FUZZ for info but just have not had the spare cash to order it yet.

For $33 you get a signed book and he does a personalised black book page for you. He only ships Priority mail so you are talking over $50 for it shipped to the UK.

He mentioned that he is doing a third and fourth photo book with a graff website, I assume through 12 Oz Prophet or some such place.

email for orders:

djfuzzone at yahoo dot com