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    DWG004: The Juice Crew EP - SOLD OUT

    Ever wonder what it'd be like to be granted unlimited access to the highly guarded vaults of unreleased material from one of the greatest producers hip-hop has ever known? Now, what if that producer allowed you to pick any five cuts to release on wax? Can you imagine what you'd come up with?

    We're offering you the opportunity to find out.

    [img]http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w300/SureshotLaRock/JuiceCrewA.jpg" border="0" "Juice Crew EP (Side A)">

    DWG004: "The Juice Crew EP"

    Mastered directly from Marley Marl's original reels recorded between 1986 and 1989, "The Juice Crew" EP represents the pinnacle of unreleased hip-hop music. You may recognize some of the songs as those of urban legend and lore. Others you may be reading about for the first time. One thing they all share in common – each just might be among the greatest tracks ever recorded by these artists. And these are not words spoken lightly. It's not an attempt to "sell the product". Judge for yourself. The music found on this wax really IS that good!

    Take Tragedy's (Super Kids) "Stunt of the Block", for instance. Recorded during the same time period Marley spit out "Eric B Is President", "The Bridge", and Biz's "Make the Music...", it's a wonder why this classic never dropped on NIA. It doesn't take long before you hear THAT sound... "Eric B Is Pres" and "The Bridge" are ALL OVER IT!

    Others cuts on the EP represent the pinnacle of what the Juice Crew had to offer. Kool G Rap's "I Declare War" and "Enter The Dragon" were both recorded for "Road to the Riches", but somehow neither found its way onto the full-length. During a listening session for DWG004, Marley exclaimed "I Declare War" was "iller than 'It's A Demo'". He's not lying.

    Then there's Big Daddy Kane's "For Your Own Concern". Stretch Armstrong posted a radio rip of this cut on his blog over a year ago, turning many an ageing b-boy into incoherent babbling fools. Recorded in '87 between "Get Into It" and "Raw", it's another classic that Marley graciously shared with us for this release. How it never made the "Long Live the Kane" LP is a mystery.

    And finally, there's Craig G's "Drop a Bomb on 'Em" recorded in '89 for his first LP, "The Kingpin". Peep Mr. Magic on the intro referring to Craig as "the newest member of the Juice Crew". In the second verse, Craig spits, "A lot of feelings got hurt when I made 'Duck Alert' / But the suckers didn't really know if I could do work". Listen for yourself and tell us what you think! The Jackson Sisters sample only adds icing on the proverbial cake.

    You want "holy grail" type music? Been looking for a reason to break out your Kangol and Cazals to wear with your dookie ropes? Look no further.


    "The Juice Crew EP" is a limited edition vinyl pressing of 350 copies. The wax will come in four colors:

    Red – 75 copies
    Blue – 75 copies
    Clear – 75 copies (may be a different color)
    Black – 125 copies

    Please note that we will fill orders with the colored vinyl first. In hopes of being fair to all customers, colors will be picked at random. If you order multiple copies, one will be black. We will do our best to fill the remainder of your order with different colors while supplies last.

    You can secure your copy of "The Juice Crew EP" by forwarding Paypal payment to the following e-mail address:


    Prices are as follows:

    "The Juice Crew EP"- $80 per copy ($160 for two, $240 for three)

    "The Juice Crew EP" full set (four records – different colors) -- $300

    As is usual for all DWG releases, prices include free worldwide shipping (first class UK, airmail overseas). If you would like to add insurance, please drop us an email and we will let you know the cost.

    We anticipate shipping the week of December 15th, 2008.

    If you have any questions please e-mail juicecrew@diggerswithgratitude.com

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    come on, at least give us some tiny little hint.....the unreleased TDS Mob LP?? era at least!?
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    I think it's safe to categorize it as a late 80s mix of legendary, yet mythical music with a sublime hint of "how the fuck did this never get released?!?!"...

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    Arrghh !!! At least 3 and a half months of mystery...:shocked::shocked::shocked:

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    Dope stuff!! - This sounds like something i don't wanna miss out on!!

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    Imperial_Mao:>Arrghh !!! At least 3 and a half months of mystery...:shocked::shocked::shocked:
    You'll know much sooner than that as we put the finishing touches on a couple of things over the next month or so...

    Look at is as 3 1/2 months to SHIPPING... Until then, we plan on giving the DWG Massive some very tasty appetizers... :wink:

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    And so it begins... I'm pretty amped about the next few months... you guys are in for some real treats!

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    Sureshot La Rock:>I think it's safe to categorize it as a late 80s mix of legendary, yet mythical music with a sublime hint of "how the fuck did this never get released?!?!"...
    ....that's all I need to know.....can't wait to get my mits on that!
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