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    Ha ha, yeah greg, little did we know at that time, that we were pickin` up one of the all time best hip hop records on the cheap :bigsmile:

    Like your yourself, it is one of my all time favourite records aswell. A timeless classic that every hip hop head that i know loves !!

    Incredible ep & one record that i`ll NEVER sell..!!:wink:

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    Oct 2006
    no mention of the Party Groove??
    I know it doesn't have the great lyrics of the other tracks ("Diggin' In The Crates" is another fav on this joint that hasn't been touched on much here), but its great at parties too.

    every hip-hop head needs to hear this gem

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    think id have to say giant of the mental on this one
    but its one of the best eps ever to come out



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