Anyone heard of two records called "Ice Roxanne" and "Roxanne's a Virgin?" And if so, have any info on it (i.e. who they're by, what label they're on)?
I read about 'em in an article on the Roxanne saga... they just list them as examples of the many sillier entries in the "Roxanne, Roxanne" records saga. [url=">Here's the article, albeit not in English[/url]. (I have the same article in print in English, but it offers no more info. This German one is the only version I could find online.)

Any info on these would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and if anyone is willing to part with a copy, I'm interested in purchasing both. eace:
(Heck, while I'm at it, I'm also interested in a copy of The E.42nd ST. Crew's "Roxanne's Revenge.")