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Thread: MC Kevin C

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    Has anybody ever heard about this dude? No one I have asked in NYC seems to know about him. He was from the Bronx I guess and was active around 83 or so.

    All help is appreciated.



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    I've never heard of this guy before. There's many groups/MC's anyone knows anything about.

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    Well, I have asked some people that I thought would know like Grand Caz, Mighty Mike C, Fabel, Conzo but to no avail. Yes, I know a lot of MCs remain unknown to this day.


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    Dress, I did the same to get some infos about the Cobra MCees... They didn't even know this group!


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    I have had luck with contacting BMI and Ascap or if they have unsual names the whitepages can be a great help too.

    But Im pretty sure that Kevin C never released a record and therefore I dont have a name to look for.



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    haha Why teh fuck are you asking then? Is he on a old school tape you have ?

    If so please to post and why not track down the emcees that are before and after him?
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    Why the fuck dont you chill the fuck out?

    Its not an old school tape but an old school documentary you probably never heard about... Maybe one day you will.



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    There's a Ken C from 1983. had a 12" on Telestar produced by Dave Ogrin

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    Kevin the Gerbil was featured on "Rat Rapping" - that would have been around '83.

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    hahhahaa i almost pissed myself at that ^



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