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    Double J - Cannibal Town

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    Just grabbed these two from the racks. Sugar Bear inspired by the recent thread and Style cos it was the 12" sitting next to it.

    [img]http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/4262/sugar.jpg" "null"]

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    Canns:>That sounds like a crazy line-up James - let us know how that concert goes mate!

    I'm, going for the Scarface Groove EP today. Props to MR CD for putting (some of) us on to that a few years ago!
    Glad you copped the SCARFACE GROOVE EP Canns, wicked EP & a dope picture sleeve, a must for anyone`s collection..!

    @ Nige, 2 great picks bro, that STYLE 12 is a personal favourite.

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    @ Nige, 2 great picks bro, that STYLE 12 is a personal favourite.
    Indeed Mart, forgot how good the Style track is. I've no doubt it would be a very expensive and sought after 12" were it a small indie release.

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    todays pick would be the juggerknots LP as i couldn´t see anything clear at all....

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    Chris Craft feat. MF Doom - Hooks is extra

    Shaman Work 7" - Spark the Sound (1 of 7)

    When are Shaman Work ever gonna release the remaining 5 7"s in this series??

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    ^ the 32nd of nevuary 3020 ?

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    De La Soul - You Got It

    Lovin it. Never heard it before it came through today, and it's been on more than a coupla times already.

    That and the new Mayer Hawthorne 12".

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    all tracks with intoxicating piano-loops,

    RUMPLETILSKINZ "mushroom talk"
    souls of mischief "live and let live"
    l.o.n.s. "case of the pta"
    biz markie "let my eggo"
    gravediggaz "constant elevation"

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    fuggit, today I'm going for Madvillain Madvillainy, great for a sunny day



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