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    just got Frankensteez and Roc Marci thanks to Rarekind

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    Quote Originally Posted by strangefameis View Post

    btw, Bob : is mp3 download code included with the vinyl?
    Hypnotical Gases - Keeping my proboscis out of the dirt.

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    shame, will have to look around for illegal mp3... or buy the cd box as well
    cheers anyway Bob!

    just paid rarekind for roc marciano myself - here's hopin that wasn't the very last copy You've scooped Dave!

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    I think you'll be OK, mine didn't hit the shelves ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Disaster View Post
    Heads up for anyone with a Fopp or decent HMV in their area, this can be bought for 56 which is the cheapest you will find it anywhere.

    I am really annoyed as I ordered directly from Spoon and with postage it cost me 61 and then spotted it in Fopp yesterday.
    Well if it makes you feel a little better mine was 65, I knew it was a bit expensive but wanted to support the shop I bought it from, what I didn't plan was getting flashed by a speed camera on the way to the shop

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    Whodini: Magic's Wand 12" Jive 1982
    X-Clan: Funkin' Lesson 12" 4th & Broadway 1990

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    Sorted out some records that I never play and took them to my local spot today and got enough trade to come away with The Winstons / Color Him Father.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soul Survivor View Post
    Whodini: Magic's Wand 12" Jive 1982
    I used to spin this a lot about 3 years ago at the student orientated bar I used to hold a spot at, always went down a storm.

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    Get more Biz than Markie as I spark thee
    mike like lightnin, that's frightenin, I'm hypin

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    a guy I work with was playing Isleys 'Between The Sheets' earlier today... classic



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