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    Face. Melted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmore21225 View Post
    Ok not done this in a while. Some of myrecords I added to the collection for about the last 3 months.
    1.Nick Wiz - Cellar Selections 7: 1992-1998
    2.Da Last Future - Da Last Future
    3.Jusone / CC Productions - I Keep It Live
    4.Various - Code Red
    5.Malik (Mad Lyrics) - No More 9 to 5
    6.Shaleek & The 2nd Family - Competition Iz None
    7.NYRU - Can't Be Right
    8.One Step Beyond - The Labyrinth
    9.R.N.F. - Takin' Over (Sampler...Summer '97)
    10.Tribalife - Destination
    11.Lil Sprout, Big Rob - Flowing / I Can Turn It Out
    12.Supreme C. - Time To Think
    13.North Bronx Alliance - NBA Live '97 / Black Caesar
    14.Combined Operation - Sessions
    15.Under Achieva’z - D.C. Rocks / Ya' Betta Believe
    16.Various - Heavy Sedation EP
    17.Ruph Headz - Sett-It / An't No 1/2 Stompin
    18.Native Rhythm - Paid My Dues / Hey Hey
    19.Endangered Species (4) - No Doubt / S.M.O.K.E.
    20.Various - Street Vibes Vol. 1
    21.Various - Lifted Records Volume 1
    22.Greer - Mentality
    23.Suburban Influence, Off Limits - Suburban I Ent Project 1
    24.Various - Synchronicity
    25.Prophets Of The Ghetto - Da Expansion / $Kurrency$
    26.Ras Kass - Soul On Ice: Revisited
    27.Black Spade - This Time Tomorrow
    28.The Bizzie Boyz - Hype Time / Dope
    29.Southpaw - Left Hand Rule
    30.Foundation 7 - Love Ain't Like This / Compredator
    31.Live N' Effect Posse - I'm Getting Physical
    32.M.C. Jewel* with D.J. Screen - I Am A Poet
    33.Jay Nice - Butta / Mars
    34.Raw Earth - Night Life
    35.Deep Tranz / Street Relics - It's Only Gettin' Worse
    36.M.D.S. Production - Because I'm A Pro
    37.Master O.L.D.* - Phenomenon / Warriors
    38.Egyptian Lover - Egyptian Lover 1983-1988
    39.Various - 14 Fathoms Deep
    40.T-Love* Featuring This Kid Named Miles - Return Of The B-Girl
    41.The Showboys - Drag Rap
    42.Da Grassroots - Price Of Livin' / Last Days
    43.Da Great Deity Dah - Dr Of Rapmatics
    44.Kwest Tha Madd Lad - What's The Reaction? / What's The Remix?
    45.Pretty Tone Capone - Across 110th St. / Sexy / Marked 4 Death
    46.Scienz Of Life - Powers Of Nine Ether
    47.Tha' Hatchetman D.O.P.E.-T. - First Strike
    48.3582 - Yesterday
    49.Brick Flava - The Bossman
    50.DJ Spinna - Ill Kudana
    51.Jazz Liberatorz - Fruit Of The Past
    52.Jazz Liberatorz - I Am Hip Hop
    53.Boards Of Canada - Unreleased Tracks
    54.Group Home Presents Brain Sick Mob* - Unreleased Siccness
    55.Various - Rap Essentials 2001
    56.M.C. Price & D.J. Trouble* - My Life Story / The Price Is Right
    57.Big Squig - Keep It Going
    58.Mathematik - Ecology
    59.Sandinistas - Madd Luv / Higher
    60.Da UpTown Vandals - Vandals In The House
    61.Pryme Tyme - P.H.D. / Brother Wit' Soul
    62.Ghetto Inmates - Some Straight Out The Crib Shit
    63.Various - Tha East Comin Thru EP
    64.Empty Pockets - Who Got The Mottz
    65.Undaground Flava - What's Your Function?
    66.Constellation - Water World
    67.Nice & Smooth - Unreleased Project
    68.Cruseville Productions - The Piper
    69.Harleckinz - From The Levels Below
    70.J.B. & Mello Mike Hype - Smoove Ruffness
    71.Doobie Brothers* - Long Train Running
    72.X-Rae - Is Ya Wit Me?
    73.Cold Cash - Gun Shot
    74.Midnight Fusion - Stroke Of Midnight
    75.All Natural - No Additives, No Preservatives (Xtra Phat)
    76.Killer Klan - Tell Dem
    77.Scarface- Scarface
    78.P. Original - Regeneration
    79.Rude Boys - Written All Over Your Face
    80.Mello Soul Black - What Ya Heard
    81.Sugacane - Let 'Em Know
    82.Mood - Concealed Revelations
    83.Mr. Brown - Beats For Days 2
    84.Choclair / Solitair - Internal Affairs / Silver Surfer
    85.Various - Spyder D Presents Battle Of The
    86.Citizen Kane (2), Sic Sense - Scartown Memoirs
    87.Kwest Tha Madd Lad - This Is My First Album
    88.DJ Excel - This DJ / Captain Jack
    89.Ill Biskits - Chill Factor / Hypnotic Blessings
    90.Kardinal Offishall - Naughty Dread / On Wid Da Show
    91.F.O.N. (2) - Gotta Get Mine
    92.Krown Rulers - Kick The Ball
    93.Various - The St. Ides Bootleg
    94.Hieroglyphics - The Lost Tapes EP Volume One+Two
    95.Old School Survivors - Live & Direct
    96.421 - Set It
    97.Kashif - Stone Love
    98.Jigmastas - Resurgence
    99 top Choice Clique - Peace Of Mind
    100.360° - Years To Build / Pelon
    101.Mixmasta "D" - Turntable Scientist EP
    102.Brass Tacks - Star Point Tactics (Star Point Tactics
    103.D Vine - Fit In 2 My Structure
    104.Steve Masters - Turntable Aktion
    105.Curtis Hairston - I Want You
    106.Various - Can I Hit It The Sound Track
    Plus all Dope Folks,CH,HHV,Fat Beats,UGHH,DWG and small indie labels I picked up.
    And here I was, thinking I broke the bank and my shelves with a heavy intake the last months... Lots of good stuff on here (at least from the lot I know).. One of the biggest oooffffs goes to this..

    58.Mathematik - Ecology

    Did you grab this off Ebay?

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    Got that from Discogs.

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    I'd Rather Jack

    ^^^ First record I've bought in 2017: a 2016 12" of two Mr. Fingers remixes. This one is THE one:

    Simoncino - Beyond The Dance (Mr. Fingers Dark Mix)

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    Ty Segall- Ty Segall
    Class A Felony- Class A Felony
    Raised By Seuss- Unless: Twenty Years Too Late
    Baritone Tiplove- Amazing Stories Vol. 1
    TDS Mob- The Dope Commitee
    Elvis Costello- This Year's Model
    Led Zepellin- Houses of the Holy
    Jesus and Mary Chain- Psychocandy
    A Tribe Called Quest- We Got It From Here
    Cream- Disraeli Gears
    The Fall- Live at the Witch Trials
    The Fall- The Wonderful and Frightening World Of..
    The Fall- Grotesque
    Bjork- Vulnicura
    Bjork- Volta
    Bjork- Biophilia
    Bjork- Medulla
    Funkadelic- Funkadelic
    Dead Kennedys- Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
    Donald D- Let the Horns Blow
    Can- Ege Bamyasi
    Can- Tago Mago

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    Just-Ice / Put The Record Back On
    Stetsasoinic / On Fire (pulled my copy out to play and its fucked, so ordered a mint one, from Italy, hope it turns up).

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    this gem mad dope

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    Fusion Jazz with some nice samples:

    Bennie Maupin ‎– The Jewel In The Lotus

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    "I have no idea what hammer time is, or how it differs from regular time" - Dexter Morgan.




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