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    Quote Originally Posted by ijunor View Post
    After hearing this for years on a Westwood tape, I stumbled across it on YouTube. I feel like such a twat!!. They even say Heltah Skeltah and " the originoo gunn clappa two". I feel a tirade of abuse coming on.
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    Bought a nice stack of 40 soul and funk 45's today for € 30, including Rufus Thomas, Jimmy Castor Bunch, Beginning Of The End, Carla Thomas, The New Birth, Betty Wright, Isley Brothers, etcetera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cro View Post
    Whats up Doc? Long time no see, hope all's good

    @ijunor aye carumba...
    I'm good thanks Cro, just started picking up the odd rap record again (stopped for a few years due to prices being out of control). Been spending my obsessive energy on making beer instead for the most part. How's yourself? I need to join instagram so that I can follow your beersofinstagram again.

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    Just picked this up which may be of interest to some on here...


    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

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    Latest scores:

    David Ruffin - S/T LP
    McCoy Tyner - Fly With The Wind LP
    Jerry Butler - You & Me LP
    Willie Hutch - Havin' A House Party LP
    Mandrill - Solid LP
    Foster Sylvers - S/T LP
    Daly-Wilson Big Band - The Exciting Daly-Wilson Big Band LP
    Olympic Runners - Hot To Trot LP
    Leon Thomas - Full Circle LP
    Parliament - Motor Booty Affair LP
    Houston Person - Sweet Buns & Barbeque LP
    The New Birth - Birth Day LP
    Faze-O - Riding High LP
    Rudy Copeland - S/T LP
    The Mad Lads - The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Lads LP
    Nas - I Am... 2LP
    Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long Promo 12"
    Michael Howell - In The Silence LP
    Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa LP
    Sidney Joe Qualls - I Enjoy Loving You LP
    The Originals - Another Time, Another Place LP
    Ahmad Jamal - '73 LP
    Milt Jackson with the Ray Brown Big Band - Memphis Jackson LP
    Norman Connors - Saturday Night Special LP
    The Last Emperor - Palace Of The Pretender 2LP
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    Some flexidisc remixes...




    theres are some audio clips on my IG if you're following me. ;-)
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    Today's scores:

    The Chairmen Of The Board - Give Me Just A Little More Time LP
    The Persuaders - S/T LP
    Stanley Turrentine - In The Pocket LP
    Deodato - Prelude LP
    Stanley Clarke - School Days LP
    Billy Cobham - A Funky Thide Of Sings LP
    Quincy Jones - The Dude LP
    Raekwon - The Wild LP

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    Cows- Cunning Stunts
    Fugazi- Repeater
    Casual Nun- Psychometric Testing By..
    UTFO- Skeezer Pleezer (with press pack)
    Sly and the Family Stone- Stand
    Bob Dylan- Blood on the Tracks
    Bjork- Debut
    Hey Colossus- Guillotine
    Hey Colossus- In Black and Gold
    Hey Colossus- Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo
    Hey Colossus- Dedicated to Uri Klangers
    Hey Colossus- Ghost Ship
    Hey Colossus Vs Dethscalator
    Gnod and Radar Men From The Moon- Temple Ov BBV
    Killdozer- Twelve Point Buck
    Iggy Pop- Idiot
    Iggy Pop- Lust For Life
    The Revolutionaries- Revolutionary Sounds 2
    Earthmass- Collapse
    The Jesus Lizard- Head
    The Jesus Lizard- Goat
    Black Rock and Ron- Stop the World
    Earle the Poet- High Noon
    She Rockers- Give It a Rest
    Almighty Sam Hill- Samhill Story
    Da Buze Bruvaz- Straight Shot in Dirty Glasses
    Darrin Ross- Producer Series 2
    Insane Cirkle- 360
    Mad Phlayva- Phlayva 4 Dem All
    Brothers GRYM- Ghetto Repaires Young Minds
    MC Destruction- Blow of Death
    White Hills- White Hills

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    More recent picks ups, new and old...








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