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    Quote Originally Posted by Stylus View Post
    cheers man, happy to cross a couple of big wants of the list

    I really must just bite the bullet and pay the going rate for a Don Blackman. I have been looking for that LP for 20 years!
    Hypnotical Gases - Keeping my proboscis out of the dirt.

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    moon base alpha
    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Disaster View Post
    I really must just bite the bullet and pay the going rate for a Don Blackman. I have been looking for that LP for 20 years!
    check your facebook inbox

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    Twit One - Hay Luv LP
    Children of Zeus - The Story So Far 12"
    Flofilz - Re:verse LP
    Y Society - Travel At Your Own Pace Reissue LP

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    Crossed a bunch more off the want list-

    Mytee G Poetic - Comin' With Nuff Ruffness / Listen To The Lyrics
    Ill Biskits - God Bless Your Life / 22 Years / Beyond Understanding
    Sesh - Definition S.E.S.H. / Kill Ill / Battalion
    Chino XL - Purple Hands In The Air / Dark Night of the Bloodspiller
    Tru Criminal Records EP
    Showbiz & AG - Unreleased Shit bootleg
    East Flatbush Project - A Madman's Dream / Can't Hold It Back
    Bushwackass - Rough Rugged N' Raw
    Scott Lark Da Sensei - Razzle Dazzle
    Ground Floor - Dig On That / One, Two
    Concrete Click - Keep It Street / Naive To The Fact
    Blaze Da Golden Jaw w/ Lin Que - Serious Shit / Next Year / Dual Action
    Tha Chamba - Hood Thang
    Dafatcat Clique - My Tracks / Da Flow / Gettin Over / Live From Fox Valley

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    Gang of Four- Entertainment
    Gang of Four- Solid Gold
    The Fall- Bend Sinister
    The Fall- Perverted By Language
    Kitchens of Distinction- Strange Free World
    Kitchens of Distinction- The Death Of Cool
    Tom Waits- Blood Money
    Tom Waits- Mule Variations


    God Bullies- Mamawombwomb
    Third Sight- Orchards and Corpses (Thanks Cro!)
    Fugazi- Steady Diet Of Nothing
    Drive Like Jehu- Yank Crime
    Unwound- No Energy
    Sonic Youth- Bad Moon Rising
    Parliament- The Clones Of Dr Funkenstein
    Rick Saucedo- Heaven Was Blue
    Ken Mode- Success


    Dawson- How To Follow So That Others Will Willingly Lead (Oh My Godley and Creme Cheese)
    Shellac- Dude Incredible
    A Certain Ratio- To Each
    Terminal Cheesecake- King Of All Spaceheads
    Barry Brown- Step It Up Youthman
    Mudhoney- Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge
    Electric Wizard- Dopethrone
    Kamasi Washington- Harmony Of Difference
    Bob Dylan- Time Out Of Mind

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    My pick-ups for the first two weeks of 2018:

    The Cannonball Adderley Quintet - 74 Miles Away Walk Tall LP
    Gene Ammons - Brasswind LP
    Gene Ammons - Free Again LP
    Gene Ammons - The Black Cat! LP
    Chris Bartley - The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven LP
    Don Covay - Different Strokes For Different Folks LP
    Charles Earland - Living Black! LP
    The East St. Louis Gospelettes - Movin' On Up LP
    The Four Tops - Meeting Of The Minds LP
    Joe Hicks - Mighty Joe Hicks LP
    Boogaloo Joe Jones - No Way! LP
    The Moments - A Moment With The Moments LP
    Grassella Oliphant - The Grass Is Greener LP
    The Originals - Game Called Love LP
    Osibisa - Super Fly T.N.T. LP
    Parliament - Up For The Down Stroke LP
    Jeannie Reynolds - Cherries, Bananas & Other Fine Things LP
    Candi Staton - Candi LP
    Swamp Dogg - Have You Heard This Story? LP
    Cal Tjader - The Prophet LP

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    Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-15 um 22.09.49.jpg

    nice K-Def Edit of a funk/soul masterpiece sampled for many hip-hop classics

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    Just received a sealed copy of The Pazant Bros. & The Beaufort Express "Loose And Juicy" LP.

    And the seller was nice enough to throw in free sealed copies of The-Niteliters' "Different Strokes" and Dynamic Superiors' "You Name It" LP's.



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