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Thread: Documentaries

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    Good thread.

    Ordered some of these online. Older DVDs are mad cheap these days.

    Thanks for the recommends.

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    Im talking about the one about the band. Good stuff!


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    boogie down pyjamas:>Good thread.

    Ordered some of these online. Older DVDs are mad cheap these days.

    Thanks for the recommends.
    Would love to hear a report back on what you thought of them.
    Same for anyone else here who follows a recommendation off anyone!

    I've just got the Christian Hosoi 'Rising Son' biography - might convince the missus to watch it this afternoon once the thunderstorm arrives (30° here in Croydon and black clouds on the horizon).

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    Beatlover:>Has anyone seen the Doc about the Golden Gate and it being a hugely popular
    suicide spot?? Pretty creepy.
    Flicked E4 on one night and that was on. Not sure how much I'd already missed but the remainder I did see was enough to leave a lasting impression. Throughout the programme they kept showing footage of someone on the bridge/sitting on the rail/standing on the rail but only right at the end showed the final conclusion....disturbed me greatly.

    Vinyl is great....just finally saw the full thing on youtube. Certainly recognised a few traits....worryingly!

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    to be honest, i find that vinyl docu quite rough,

    made me think about selling up, haha, its full of weirdo freaks !!

    or is that what we are ??

    nice 1

    cos im a be a DWG'er for life
    remixes - www.myspace.com/soulcondor

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    soulcondor:>to be honest, i find that vinyl docu quite rough
    It is pretty intense, for sure! It's weird/gripping following the main guy as he ends up having to give everything away to stop himself going mad.

    Just watched this:

    And it was real good.
    Anyone who was ever into skating in the '80s/'90s should like this. Soundtrack is good too.

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    ive a copy of that jus need to burn it to dvd ^

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    Watched the Hosoi docu yesterday, very intriguing, thanks for the tip!

    Come to think of it, i saw Rolling Throught the Decades at a Carhartt sponsored premiere in Bitterzoet a couple of years ago, good one!

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    'Stoked' (Helen Stickler/2002)


    his cockiness and partying got the best of him and he went slightly nuts, ending with him killing his ex-girlfriend's best friend.

    Hate to see what would happen if he went stark raving mad psycho!

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