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    got the last Juno copy... but don't worry this will be everywhere, its probably 'limited' to 5000 copies or summin.

    just seen this on UGHH.com>>>>

    Raekwon LIMITED EDITION Purple Vinyl Now Shipping

    1/23: Easily one of the decade's most highly anticipated releases, Raekwon's Only Built For Cuban Linx II dropped this year to rave reviews by the global hip hop community, putting the Wu-Tang Clan back in the spotlight something fiercely. The vinyl pressing of OB4CL2 is NOW SHIPPING ON LIMITED EDITION PURPLE VINYL and features EXCLUSIVE TRACKS not included on the CD. Only 2000 copies were pressed, and UGHH.com has already taken over 200 pre-orders for this classic release, making it perhaps the best-selling LP ever sold on our site! If you haven't ordered your copy yet, act now, for this release is sure to sell out forever! GET YOURZ here @ UGHH or regret it forever!!!
    OK - so theres only 2000 copies... seems low considering the promotion being put in, I'm also surprised that UGHH consider 200 sales to be high for a vinyl LP, I guess this truely is a sign of the times!


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    i've got a copy on order from HHV but the release date there is next monday, hope they ship asap

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    2000 copies have been pressed, according to [url=http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/blog/detail.asp?ID=872">UGHH[/url].

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    vinyljunkie:>2000 copies have been pressed, according to [url=http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/blog/detail.asp?ID=872">UGHH[/url].
    yep - as said above :tongue:

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    ^ Ooops, I didn't read that. But I hardly can't believe they only pressed 2000 copies. I think it might have been more than that.

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    vinyljunkie:>^ Fat Beats UK?
    Ah, my bad! I misread Fat City for Fat Beats. Thought maybe you guys have a Fat Beats headquarters in the UK.
    aha, no , in scotland, or sorry, where i am in scotland, we aint got a fat beats or a fat city , i got a fat chance, of buying any hip hop records, new, old or inbetween,

    my location REALLY sooks wink

    nice 1

    Then your great record collection is all that more impressive, dun. :thumbup:
    What do you do with all the record mailers you receive? lol

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    ordered mine from UGHH as Juno copies had gone.doh!

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    Rap & Soul have it for £15

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    anyone get a spare of the Jap 12" they want to sell / trade me too?



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