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    Recently tried wood glue for the first time, on a record that multiple isopropyl alcohol cleanings (my standard method) did absolutely nothing. Words are not enough to describe the result.

    Before: http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/KmK0elYF/file.html
    After: http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/fhrTLJpj/file.html
    I've never tried that technique myself, but that's impressive.

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    Just thought i'd contribute a method i been using for a while now, real real simple and costs no money or even time really lol very lazy technique.. but really effective, at least for me it has been

    So u get a second hand record say, look at it in the light its got fingerprints, dust, some unidentifiable matter on it whatever. I used to use one of those "anti static" record cleaning super thin fibre brush things which basically turns records into a ultra-static charged flith magnet and prety much redistributes the dust around the wax. not to mention it does nothing for all that other surface shite.

    I started getting real lazy and just wiping the record with the inside of my tshirt that im wearing. and what i found is, if you breath on the record directly, whilst wiping the surface with the shirt (putting a reasonable amount of pressure on) it cleans up a real treat. gets rid of all the above crud mentioned 9/10 times for me. the trick is to make sure you breath onto the wax as you clean, so the breath condensation dosnt evaporate before the fabric gets to it.

    I started doing it with real cheap records from chairty shops etc and now trust the technique enough to use it for more expensive stuff even a couple of 50+ ones (a rare purchase for me these days!)
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    Got one of these for Christmas & it’s fantastic.
    Really impressed with the results.
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