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    These are legit. I suspect show vinyl. The KillArmy instrumentals I have are pressed at the same record plant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stylus View Post
    For those not on instagram i have to resurrect this thread because ive found ĎAlbum 1í.
    I struck a bit of a Wu-Tang Instrumental albums goldmine as the seller sold me doubles of ODB, GZA and Raekwon Instrumental lpís, all sealed or unplayed.
    The cherry on top was doubles of this record, which i suspect are show vinyl for Enter the Wu-Tang. Iím not sure as they're still sealed.
    I've been doing research for the past 2 months but i cant find anything, just the copy of VAís Forever Instrumentals in this thread. I would suspect both albums were printed around the same time, assuming around the release of the Forever album.
    Also, there is a Method Man track as last song on this album, which happens to be left off the Tical instrumental LP. So seems like someone made a point to press up whatever missing instrumentals at the time.
    Question is if these are legit. I like to think so but it would be great if someone could confirm.
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    very dope! crack one open and play it!

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    i dont know, really looks like a bootleg to me but would be cool if they were official show records.




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