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    Went to the Bristol Juice Crew gig, really enjoyed it. As above Shante hosted and did tracks between introducing everyone. Along with Shante, Ace and Kane were standouts with great energy and ability to put on a great show. The whole Shan over vocal tracks was just weird, surely he's got instrumentals of his own tracks? I thought G Rap wasn't showing up but he walked on stage (wearing a huge wooly hat, sun glasses, massive winter coat and leather gloves) to do his verse of The Symphony and then stayed on after to do his own set which was actually kind of odd. His first track was take 'em to war and whilst I really like that track, it didn't get the crowd going at all. Later on he did ill street blues and just stopped when it got to the second verse, almost like he was thinking 'where am I, what am I doing', whilst the dj just let the music carry on. We also had about 10 seconds of streets of new york instrumental.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul's Revered View Post
    They did do The Symphony.
    Damn, you're right, I do remember now. Admittedly I was pretty wasted by that point in the evening...I videoed most of the show but not Symphony for some reason! Probably couldn't keep my hand or balance to film it by then
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    Just in case anyone is around these parts:


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    We are doing our first label night at The Jazz Cafe this Saturday 2nd December.
    We have also added the multi-instrumentalist Ernest Herb to the night.
    Tickets >>
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