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    How much did you get for the Y Society?

    It seems like the Lord Finesse 12"s are not that sought after...

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    Well, I'd rather not say to be honest...... not a great deal, but it went to someone who bought something else..... so happy to let it go for ease of shipping and to someone who appreciates it. Surprised at the Finesse rare selections to be honest..... I thought/think they were superb releases. Still, not over yet, I'll keep them up here for another few days.

    Huge thanks again to everyone for their purchases.

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    Got the records on Wednesday mate so apologies for not confirming earlier. Spot on condition bro'. Thanks for the great service C.

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    A pleasure mate, glad they arrived safe and sound. Enjoy, and thanks again.

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    Bumping..... plus have another Funky Dope Manuever for sale..... prices in UK Pounds as before.....

    Lord Finesse Rare Selections 1 (sealed) 55
    Lord Finesse Rare Selections 1 50
    Lord Finesse Rare Selections 2 50
    Lord Finesse and DJ Mike Smooth - Funky Dope Maneuver E.P. 50

    Roc C/Oh No J Dilla - Pandemonium/Louder (promo) - 10

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    *bumpity bump bumps*

    Record arrived in pristine condition as described. Packaged well. Recommended seller this dude C-Lone. :thumbup:



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