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    definitely in the past...
    Great work Chris. Thanks.
    beats like ice cream, rhymes are like sprinkles...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    After a major clean-up, a software update and a move to a new server, the DWG forum is back.

    I've also installed a security plug-in, which will monitor and scan the server every 24 hours for any dodgy posts or files (see the trust badge icon at the top of the front page? Click that and you'll see the daily scan results).

    If anyone finds any issues, feel free to post in this thread and I'll take a look.

    Thanks guys.

    (to all those awaiting replies to PMs, my return is imminent: I'll catch up on everything shortly. Thanks for your patience)
    "yeah you get props over here!"

    nice one Chr!s, was afraid we'd never hear from you again.

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    Thank you Chris!



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