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    Can I upload pictures of a rare tape to this forum? And do they have to be actual scans or would a picture work?

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    (I had trouble uploading the images here so I uploaded them to another site, sorry)
    This is a snippet tape from Omniscence that I snagged in an auction along with a tape from Big Tabb that I haven't been able to find anywhere online. There's several interludes and an untitled freestyle after Maintain ends. How rare would you guys rate this? I'm willing to trade it.

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    Not many were pressed. There has never been a reissue, that I've ever seen.

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    ^^A curious thing for sure inna dee 'It's Like That' fashion but from L.A. - here's how it's described at auction found @Popsike.com

    "Bizarre 7" that doesnt fit a genre or classification but I know it's pretty scarce, In a similar vein to Transistor Jet or The Normal, danceable Lofi minimal wave electro stuff with strange vocals about a fad that never existed, namely the 'Party Reptile' fad: "She even has a pair of party reptile pants!. Be the one to restart the reptile craze today!"

    cheers for the post.



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